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Meteora Becomes Meteora Audio
November 21, 20224 min read
The blockchain and crypto space have become quite the warzone these past months, especially over the last two weeks, which were filled with unfortunate events impacting the livelihood of millions of people. In regards to these, and starting the falldown of June 2022, Meteora being a startup has decided to cut social media presence and focus on the very core of its existence: a platform that gathers Listeners, Creators and Professional alike in a state-of-the-art, simple-to-use app: the Ultimate Audio Platform. This decision enhanced our work manyfold, and today we are very happy to announce that we have completed the implemented roadmap, and are back online to continue our journey publicly. Here is a small summary of what has progressed.
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How does the MRA token work in the Meteora Ecosystem
May 20, 20224 min read
Meteora believes all artists, music industry professionals, and listeners should completely control their creations and resources. Everyone should benefit from letting music be part of their lives. We created Meteora, the first-of-its-kind NFT-based app that encompasses all the above and unlocks endless opportunities with its own MRA crypto token. Today, we’ll explain all about MRA and when you can secure your share during our ICO.
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How Meteora Protects Artists From Art Theft
April 20, 20224 min read
At Meteora, we believe that practicality and safety must come first no matter how disruptive an idea is. For that reason, and to ensure that musicians of our platform are fully protected from art theft, we designed our onboarding process to be perfect for the cause. In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about how we protect intellectual property, and why NFTs are, in fact, the best for this purpose.
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Understanding Meteora’s Cross-Chain Functionalities
March 16, 20225 min read
Being the creator of a piece of art makes you the sole owner of this piece of art. Whether you change your country, hair color, or anything else, it doesn’t alter the fact that it is you who put this creation into the world. The blockchain revolution is taking over the world by storm. The number of users is at an all-time high with crypto adoption soaring by 880% over the last year. We think that this points to the single unavoidable fact that mass blockchain adoption is inevitable. To support the blockchain ecosystem, there has been a boom in the number of blockchains and a consequent uptick in blockchain projects. While that is certainly a boon, at Meteora, we noticed that this resulted in a major setback to the accelerated adoption of blockchain — fragmentation.
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Introducing Meteora - How can Artists, Professionals and Listeners benefit from Meteora
March 8, 20224 min read
The music industry is a tremendous global space, yet it still lags behind in terms of novel features and solutions. To bring this relatively old-school sphere up to speed, Meteora leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and various other aspects of cryptocurrencies to benefit those who make it all happen: artists and listeners.
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Lunaris Incorporation — Human Future.
September 1, 20212 min read
Hello, and nice to meet you. We are Lunaris Incorporation, a tech company based in the center of Paris, France. We are master builders of tomorrow's connected world, and a team of passionate engineers who worked years for big and small companies alike, in Embedded Systems, Blockchain, AI and Web. We believe in humanity, freedom and unity, and we want to serve you by creating state-of-the-art, reliable and convenient tech products and apps in our fields which serve these values.
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